Friday, 10 August 2018

Yiannis Kouros

The Greatest Ultra runner Ever.  I had the privilege of being in the same race when he broke the 24hr record in Adelaide and a couple of years later, I was the Commentator when he broke the World 6 Day record.

This is a collection of  Newspaper Clippings  and articles about him and his great career.  There will be much to add.

Article by Davy Crockett

Birth of a Legend - 85 Westfield

Yiannis Kouros - 85 Westfield

Kouros wins his second - 1987 Westfield

Yiannis Kouros Interview - 89 Westfield

Yiannis Kouros - 89 Westfield

Article from 1994

Articles from 1995

A Living Colossus - 1995

Athletic Biography - 1995

Field of Dreams - 2005

Yiannis Kouros - Articles from 1995

Yiannis Kouros - Athletic Biography

Yiannis Kouros - A Living Colossus -1995

by Tony Rafferty