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Thursday 21 December 2017

Cliff Young - Australian Ultrarunning Legend

In 1983, little known Colac farmer, Cliff Young stormed home to win the first Westfield Sydney to Melbourne running race.  He wasn't  known to the general public before the race, but by the end he was a Household name.  Cliff has now left us, but this is his story and his page.  Please feel free to explore.

From  1987 - back on the farm

Cliff Young - funeral program   -  The program from his funeral

His Ultra Bio -  List of the races that Cliff competed in.  You will notice some more great achievements, especially after the 83 Westfield.

From Gumboots to Glory -  A summary article on Cliff's achievements.

Cliff Young on Facebook - A facebook tribute page.

Cliff Young - Westfield Brochure -  Cliff worked with Westfield for several years after the 1983 win and  was used in the promotion area for quite a while

Cliff Young's Great Race - a poem by Drew Kettle

Cliff Young - 500 miles

Tips from Cliff Young -  An article Cliff put together for other Ultra runners.

Cliffy's Book Advert -  From 1995


Cliff Young - Newspaper cuttings (1)

Cliff Young - Newspaper cuttings (2)

Cliff Young - Newspaper cuttings (3)

Newspaper article by Peter Coster

Looking back from 1993

Cliff Young in Perth - 1992

Cliff Young - 1986 Westfield

Newspaper photos

Newspaper photos (1)

Photos -   A collection of photos .  More to add.

Crewing for Cliff Young -  Article written about crewing for Cliff in the Westfield

The Ballad - a poem written by Cliff . 

Cliff Young - 1921 to 2003 .  A summary article written by Jack Pennington .

Cliffy Movie -  An entertaining family movie produced about Cliff and the 83 Westfield.  A lot of flaws in it, but that's entertainment.

Cliffy Book -   an incomplete book about Cliff's career.  Could have gone into his career a lot further.

Further links to News stories -  Some broken links.

From the 87 Westfield!


  1. My wife's Grand Father was Cliff's trainer during the prep and race. What an odd couple they were.

  2. Nice. Sorry I just found your comment! I gather your from Colac ? Phil