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This is the new Home page for Ultralegends Version 2.  After a couple of years hiatus and refinding most of my files and photos etc, I have decided to resurrect this Page.  It's going to take a long long time, so please bear with me.  But I promise that there will be posts added on a weekly basis!


Phil Essam

Any queries please email me on pandbessam @


Australian Pedestrian History  -  Our history before 1900

Australia -  Results, Stories and photos from after 1900

New Zealand - Results, stories and photos from New Zealand

Cliff Young - Australian Ultrarunning Legend -   Cliff Young -  His web page with photos, newspaper cuttings, list of results and more .

Yiannis Kouros - The Legend.  Web page with photos, newspaper cuttings and more.  A lot more to add.

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