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Friday 22 December 2017

Cliff Young - His Ultra Bio

This may be incomplete, but please let me know and I shall add.

1981Colac 1000ColacFinished 
1983Westfield RunSydney to Melb1st5d 15h 4m
1984Westfield RunSydney to MelbFinished 
1985Westfield RunSydney to MelbWithdrew 
1986Westfield RunSydney to MelbWithdrew 
15 Feb 86VVACI 24hr Track RaceBox Hill, Vic6th126.2km
28 Jun 86VMC 50 mile track RaceBox Hill, Vic13th6h 51m 39s
24 Aug 86CHASE 50 mile Road RaceBallarat, Vic8th6h 33m 46s
9 Nov 86Sri Chinmoy 24hr Track raceAdelaide1st235km
1 Mar 87VVACI 24hr Track raceBox Hill, Vic8th197.115km
26 Mar 87Westfield RunSydney to Melb16th9d 13h 17m
30 May 87Sydney Striders 24hr Track raceHensley, NSW4th196.867km
5 Sep 87QMRRC 24hr Track raceQueensland University6th185.811km
3 Oct 87Sri Chinmoy 24hr Track raceAdelaide34th100.182km
16 Nov 87Australian 6 DayColac12th632km
13 Feb 88VVACI 24hr Track runCoburg12th179.081km
28 May 88Sydney Striders 24hr Track raceHensley, NSW4th196.281km
14 Nov 88Australian 6-Day RaceColac14th670.400km
Nov 88Sri Chinmoy 24hr Track RaceAdelaide9th175.33km
11 Dec 88CHASE 50 mile Road raceBallarat, vic22nd8.43.54s
25 Feb 89VVACI 24hr track runCoburg26th157.875km
May 89Westfield RunSydney to Melbournewithdrew451km
19 Aug 89HiTec 24hr Track raceMelbourne15th173.768km
Oct 89Sri Chinmoy 24hr Track raceAdelaide8th175.834km
Nov 89Australian 6-Day RaceColac11th664km
3 Feb 90International 24hr ChampionshipMilton Keynes, UK29th167.136km
10 Mar 90VVACI 24hr Track RaceCoburg17th164.509km
8 Apr 90Toto's 100km track raceMelbourne11th10.12.07
4 Aug 90Toto's 24 hr track raceMelbourne11th108.400km
27 Oct 90Sri Chinmoy 24hr Track RaceAdelaide7th148.427km
1 Sep 90Sydney Striders 24hr track raceHensley8th178.76km
18 Nov 90Campbelltown 6 Day Track raceNSW10th648.503km
26 Jan 91Wyong 24hr track raceNSW13th134.545km
23 Feb 91VVACI 24hr track raceCoburg12th165.231km
3 Nov 91Australian 6 day raceColac10th590.00km
1 Sep 91Caboolture 24hr Track raceQueensland5th154.269km
28 Sep 91Sri Chinmoy 24hr Track RaceAdelaide13th157.100km
22 Feb 92VVACI 24hr track runCoburg14th153.85km
22 May 92Queensland 24hr Track RaceBrisbane2nd158.617km
Sep 92Nanango-Sth Burnett 330km FootraceQueensland5th44.11.28s
21 Sep 9224hr RaceCaboolture6th140.800km
15 Oct 92Geraldton-Perth 434kmWADNF367km
Nov 92Australian 6-day raceColac7th653.600km
23 Jan 93Toukley 12hr RaceToukley8th91.334km
27 Feb 93VVACI 24hr Track runCoburg3rd171.650km
13 Mar 93Tamworth 24hr track runTamworth, NSW7th155.258km
5 Jun 93Queensland 24hr Track RaceQueensland8th130.452km
Sep 93Sth Burnett 330km footraceQueensland9th48.10.52s
16 Oct 93Sri Chinmoy 24hr Track RaceAdelaide8th148.47km
Nov 93Australian 6-day raceColac7th609.6km
22 Jan 94Toukley 12hr raceToukley14th88.429km
29 Jan 94Liverpool City 24hrLiverpool, NSW6th147.00km
26 Mar 94Vita Health South coast 24hrWollongong, NSW11th145.74km
17 Apr 94VVACI 24hr Track RaceCoburg5th153.055km
3 June 94Queensland 24hr Track raceBrisbane6th135.47km
1 Oct 94 Liverpool 24hr track raceLiverpool11th150.54km
Nov 94Australian 6 DayColac10th596km
Nov 94Sri Chinmoy 24hr track runAdelaide8th150.76km

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